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How To Bond Your Rabbits


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  • Aaliyah Steel

    Hi, I have an eleven month old male rabbit who I have had for about nine months. He has a bit of an attitude but the most he would do is lunge if i was annoying him too much, usually he just flicks me off. He is still a sweet bunny and has improved a lot recently since I have been home more. A day ago, took a six month old female rabbit from a family who couldnt look after her. She is an incredibly sweet bunny and has done nothing but cuddle me and sleep. She is in a fenced off area in my house whilst my male rabbit has access to the whole place. He came into the room and was very curious about what was in the fence, when she came out they were sniffing each other through the fencing. He was fine but then started growling and i think he may have bit her (or tried to). I got him away from the fence and after a bit tried again, but with the same result. I tried putting a panel of fencing with a gap outside her fence to see if that would be better but he was still aggressive. I shut the door so he can’t come near her but he keeps scratching at it. I put a panel of fencing at the door and there is a very large gap in between, so they can see each other but not touch. He keeps growling and trying to get over the fence. I have never tried to bond rabbits before and am quite concerned about his aggressive behaviour. Any tips?


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